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Vibrant is a non-invasive drug free pain management solution for seniors or people in any age who are suffering from chronic pains.
Vibrant™ devices use electronic vibration to send thousands of signals at the same time. This information overwhelms
the nerve cells and with so much movement that the pain sensations are no longer felt. Watch this video for more detailed
explanation of Pain-Gating Mechanism.

How It Works?

Pain is felt when nerve fibers deliver a message from the affected area to the brain. For example, when a person touches a hot stove,  sensory receptors in the hand send a message via nerve cells that travel through the spinal chord to the brain. Once the brain registers and processes that information, the unlucky person who touched the hot stove feels pain in their hand.

How Does Vibrant™ Stop Pain?

Vibrant™ leverages the classic pain management mechanism by applying high frequency low amplitude vibration. The “gate control” approach to pain management uses non-painful input to “close the gates” to painful input, preventing pain sensations from traveling to the central nervous system. Vibrant products trigger the pain-gating process by overwhelming nerve cells with so many competing signals that pain signals are blocked from reaching the brain.

How Does Pain-Gating Work?

There are all sorts of nerve cells in the human body; nerve cells that detect pain, and nerve cells that detect movement. They interact to deliver important messages to the brain. However, the nervous system prioritizes movement sensations over pain, because movement is more important for basic survival. So if both pain and movement signals are being sent to the brain at the same time, the movement signals are received whereas the pain signals may not be registered.



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