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Let Canadian seniors and their caregivers reach your business by placing a listing in a few easy steps.Place a free or premium listings of your services and products tailored to seniors, baby boomers, older adults and caregivers living in Canada. 


Basic listing is free and always will be. In order to add a listing you need to register on the site. Registration is necessary so we send you emails when your listing is being expired or when a visitor reviews your listings.

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If you are new to the site and have not previously registered with us, please register your free account by providing basic contact information. If you already have your user name and password, please log in and proceed to Step 2.

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Step 2: Add your listing

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The Canadian Seniors Directory is a national guide and listing for services and products tailored to seniors, baby boomers, older adults and Caregivers living in Canada.  Please be advised that only listings that are directly relevant to Canadian Seniors and their caregivers are published.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What information do I provide for a listing?
You need to provide key business information such as address, phone number, email address, website link and a description of your business or services.
How much does a listing cost?
Basic listing is free for one year, you can renew your listing for free every year upon its expiry. Renewing will give you an opportunity to review your listing and ensure the information is up to date. You can upgrade your listings for more benefits at any time. 
Will my listings be indexed by search engines?
Your listing URL is search friendly and all your keywords and listing categories are indexable by Google and other search engines.
Why Should I Claim My Listing?
Chances are Canadian Seniors Directory has a listing for your business already. You can claim the listing as your own and start updating it to reflect your current business or services.
Can I ask customers to write reviews for my business?
Yes, you can invite customers to leave reviews of your business.
How can I promote my listing on the site?
Upgrading your listing is the easiest way to promote your business as it will then be featured prominently in the directory. Premium listings are also promoted on the homepage.
Can you help me promote my business in other ways?
Sure, with our audience and reach, we can help you with advertisements, sponsored content, SEO, and more.
Can I submit our upcoming events?
We are adding Canadian Senior Events site to our offering, you can soon submit Canadian senior’s related events and workshops to the site for free.
How do I reset my password?
Click on the link below and enter the email address you used when creating your account. Please note that you can either use your User name or your Email address.

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