How to Temporarily Cope with Dizziness


All Seniors Care is an established company in the world of seniors care, from one of the oldest, most respected and accomplished family names in the retirement residences field. The visionaries behind All Seniors Care – the Kuhl family, George Kuhl and sons Joshua and Michael, and their longtime  partner Lily Goodman – are men and women who, between them, bring over 80 years of leadership and achievement in providing the highest quality seniors’ services to seniors across Canada.
The creation of All Seniors Care has come through dedication of an executive team experienced in managing the largest seniors company in Canada. Based on our industry leading experience, strong family values and commitment to superior facilities we are steadfast in proving everyday: “Where Caring Is Our Number One Concern.”

CHCA Mission The Canadian Home Care Association, as a national voice, promotes excellence in home care through leadership, awareness and knowledge to shape strategic directions.

CHCA Vision Accessible, responsive home care and community supports which enable people to stay in their homes with safety, dignity and quality of life.

Guiding Principles On behalf of our national membership of over 200 home care organizations, the Canadian Home Care Association incorporates these guiding principles into all of our activities.

A national framework for home care that supports accessible, quality services that are publicly administrated and responsive to local community needs.
Home Care is a critical component of an integrated system through the provision of collaborative and interdisciplinary care.
Family caregivers and volunteers are vital and respected members of the home care team and should be provided with necessary supports.