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Help With Snow Shoveling

Winter is here, and planning a snow removal seems a good idea for seniors or elderly homeowners. If you are living alone and experience diminished strength or disabilities, you may want to read on for some tips on how may be eligible for free snow removal service or get help in applying for Snow Removal Financial Assistance Programs that maybe offered by your municipality. Usually in Canada there are some kind of assistances available for removing snow from drive ways and sidewalks for those who qualifies from your municipality. Please always check with them to see what programs are offered and what are the criteria to get qualified in order to receive these services or financial aids.

Free Snow Removal for Seniors

Seniors 65 years of age or older and those with disabilities residing in a home without any younger inhabitants under 65 are eligible for snow clearing help from many municipalities across Canada. Registered residents can receive help from various Snow removing Assistance Programs in removing driveway windrows and sidewalks (the mound of snow at the base of the driveway that remains after a snowplow clears the roadway is known as the windrow).

Make sure to check with the municipality you live in as in almost all cases you need to fill in an application for the Seniors snow removal help.

If for any reason you can not obtain the service from your municipality, it is a safe option to contact a local company to shovel snow for the driveways and sidewalks of your house. This approach will prevent you from going outside and attempting to do it themselves, which could lead to slippery falls or exhaustion.

Snow Angels Canada

Lincoln McCardle had an idea for Snow Angels Canada in the beginning of 2015, and Simalam’s perseverance and camaraderie made it happen. To be clear, a lot of cities and organizations have already provided neighbors with tools to help each other with snow removal; but, these systems are frequently excessively costly and bureaucratic. This is merely a substitute, a neighborhood-based instrument that fosters connections between neighbors.

Initially, Snow Angels Canada was a compassion experiment that allowed Londoners to identify those in need of shoveling help or to ask for help themselves. We start our pilot program across Canada four years later. We hope that Snow Angels London will meet your demands, regardless of the category you could fall into.

Snow angles Canada provides a website connecting volunteers from communities to help the Seniors with free snow removal services.

On the website you can also connect with neighbors who need your help. When you’re able to shovel, sign into their website and search for people near you.

Click here to visit the Snow Angles Website 

Snow Removal Financial Assistance Programs

Many towns or municipalities offer a Snow Removal Assistance program to support eligible low-income older adults (65+), older adults 75+, and low-income persons with disabilities to safely access their private driveways, stairs and walkways during various winter weather events. They usually provide assistance in the form of a financial grant to qualified applicants to support the purchase of snow removal services. The amounts and/or rebates varies by each municipality, make sure to check with them before every winter season.



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