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How to Temporarily Cope with Dizziness

Persistent dizzy spells make you sick and miserable and can disrupt basic daily functions. Even chores and errands are hard to complete when the world won’t stop spinning. Long-term solutions to dizziness can and should be discussed with a doctor, but if you’re suddenly hit with a dizzy spell, you can take several steps in the moment to get over it quicker and easier:

1. Have a glass of water.

Many dizzy spells are caused by dehydration. Do you keep a water bottle on hand? If not, start carrying one with you, and the next time you feel dizzy, take a sip (or, as a preventative measure, drink water all day long). Staying properly hydrated can go a long way towards reducing dizziness.

If your dehydration has been caused by an illness, try to rehydrate as soon as you can. If you’re having a hard time drinking just water, you can alternate with hot tea, energy drinks, fruit juice, or soup—anything with water and a little sugar to keep you on your feet.

2. Grab a bite to eat.

If you’re properly hydrated but still dizzy, try a snack, especially if you’re diabetic because low blood sugar could be causing the problem. Snack on something high in either carbohydrates or sugar to get your blood sugar back up.

3. Lie down or sit down.

Dizziness often strikes when you’re standing up or moving around. To reduce the risk of fainting or falling, sit or lie down immediately. Put your head between your legs to increase blood flow to your brain to help reduce dizziness. Lie down for at least two minutes, and don’t stand back up until the dizziness has passed.

4. Breathe deeply.

You might be feeling dizzy because of a lack of air, especially if your dizziness is happening during a panic or anxiety attack. Try focusing solely on breathing and taking deep, even breaths.

5. Choose one spot to focus on.

As dancers already know, focusing your eyes on one unmoving spot helps your brain feel like you’re not actually spinning. This trick works as well for pirouetting ballerinas as it does for people suffering from dizzy spells. Choose a crack in the wall or a spot on the floor to stabilize the world and stop your brain from thinking your body is in motion.

6. Turn off the lights.

Electric lights can sometimes increase dizziness or disorientation. Shut the laptop screen, turn off the overhead lights, and try sitting in darkness for a few minutes to restore your equilibrium.

7. See a doctor.

If dizziness is a persistent problem in your life, seeing a doctor might be your best option, especially if none of the above tips seem to be helping during dizzy spells. A chiropractor can also help correct misalignments in your body that can cause dizziness. If you suffer from reoccurring dizzy spells, set up an appointment with a doctor so you can get rid of the constant misery of feeling sick and dizzy.


The above article is provided courtesy of Physiomobility Health Group. If you have any questions regarding this article, please contact Physiomobility.
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