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Winter Tips for Seniors

Seniors Winter Safety Advice

Winter is here, and getting your (or your parents) home ready for the months that follow can be difficult, particularly for elderly homeowners. Elderly people can be living alone and experience diminished strength or movement needed to perform particular tasks.
Planning ahead and getting the house ready for yourself (or your parents) before winter arrives can be quite beneficial as it can lessen the chance of being unprepared for an early storm. Before the temperature dips, you could help your parents get ready for winter by following these recommendations.

The removal of snow

A safe option is to contact a local company to shovel snow from your parents’ driveways and sidewalks. This method will keep them from going outside and attempting to do it themselves, which could result in slipping and falling or exhaustion.

Make sure to read our article on how to financial aid for snow removal or apply for a free snow removal service from your municipality or even get in touch with volunteers for shoveling the snow for free for seniors or elderly in your neighborhood.

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Examine the lighting

The days are growing shorter and progressively darker, therefore the lighting at your parent’s home needs to be acceptable. The low lighting during the day may irritate and depress them on gloomy days.  If there is adequate lighting, they can see more clearly and fall less. Compared to utilizing older bulbs, switching to LED lights might also be more economical.

Examine the heating systems.

Have a complete inspection of your parents’ heating systems done before it becomes too chilly outside. Verify that the water heater, chimney, and furnace are all operating properly. This strategy will guarantee your parents have a stress-free holiday season.

Smart thermostat

For your parents’ house, getting a smart programmable thermostat makes sense because it offers several advantages. With a thermostat that is wi-fi equipped, you may adjust the temperature with your phone at any time of year or set it to a precise temperature that suits you well.
A smart thermostat can be economical and energy-efficient since it automatically adjusts the temperature within the home based on the outside temperature.

Inspect for leaks or damage to the roof, doors, windows.

Visually inspect the windows, doors, and roof for leaks or damage. Checking the house’s windows, doors, and roof for damage or the need for replacement before winter sets in is crucial. If repairs or insulation are required, they can be completed while it’s still warm outside.

Examine the safety equipment

It is a good idea to check smoke and carbon monoxide detectors on a regular basis because neglecting to do so may lead to more serious problems.

Access to winter clothing

Making sure your parents can easily access or be within reach of warm clothing is very important. They may have trouble finding their warm scarves, mittens, hats, winter coats, sweaters, gloves, socks, blankets, or any other winter apparel when the colder months roll around.

Stock the pantry for winter

And finally remember to stock the pantry with plenty of groceries and water bottles. Make an emergency kit with first-aid supplies, blankets, and a flashlight with extra bulbs and batteries.  Medications, as well as copies of medical information, insurance, and health cards.


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