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Listing submission guide

For the best experience and optimal result in creating your listing or business page, it is recommend to plan what you want to submit and collect the information beforehand, so you can easily copy & paste them into the required fields.

Here is what you need to prepare in order to efficiently create your listing:

Business information

Title ( usually your business name)

Slogan (slogan or tagline of your business)

Description (description of the place or products, service, event, etc., minimum 300 words)

Contact Information

Website : the address of your website including http:// or https://

Email : a valid email address is required as your password is sent to this address. This email will also be used for sending you notifications as well as for visitors to contact you.

Phone number:  The phone number for your organization

Business Location

Online business?  if you are home-based or an online business without a brick & mortar location, check this and we do not publish the street number of your address. We will maintain the address in our records though. In order to get listed you must enter your full address as we will verify it.

Address/Location: start typing your address and our system will find it for you. Alternatively click the Location Finder icon to the right of address field (see image below) and it will automatically find your current address. Please do not enter suite numbers, building numbers, etc. as part of your address above, enter them in the Address Details field below.

Address details:  Enter additional details such as  Suite number, floor, building number, etc. 

Province: Enter the province you offer your service, products, etc.

Additional Provinces & Territories:  Add other provinces you offer your services, so  the listing is searchable from those provinces as well (Enhanced+ listing only)

csd location address Directory listing submission Canadian Seniors

Listing Category

Category: Click here to see the list, note that only first 2 categories are used in free listings, for more categories you need to go with other listing types.

Keywords:  enter search phrases or SEO keywords for your business, service or products, jobs, etc.


Click here to see a list of available categories  for various listing types. 


Seniors incentives

Incentives: Choose one or more incentives you are offering to seniors, make sure only choose what is appropriate.

Incentive description: Enter a short description for the discounts or incentive you offer to senior clients. For example: Seniors 65+ receive 10% discount.

Amenities, Features: Select one or more that apply  (Enhanced+ listing only)

Business Branding

Logo:  your business logo, preferred size is  92px X 92px.

Cover Image: the cover image for your business, recommended size is 1024px X 200px.

Gallery Images: up to 6 images of your business, services or products, recommended size is 640px X 480px;  (Only For enhanced+ listings).

csd coverimage ara Directory listing submission Canadian Seniors

Marketing/Promotional Videos 

Marketing video: Link yo  your marketing or promotional video, for example YouTube  or Vimo videos  (Enhanced+ listing only)

Business hours: Business  hours (Optional but recommend, basically for each day of week you can choose a time period)

Social Networking Sites: Add links to one or more social networking site for your business (i.e. Facebook, tweeter, Instagram, etc.) (Enhanced+ listing only)

Product or Service Showcase

Product or Service Showcase: You can create affiliate Products or Services to be sold directly on  the site   (Premium listing only)

This is a powerful feature that help you have online business with very low cost and overhead

Price range: Specify the average price range for your products and service. You can choose between $, $$ and $$$, where $ indicates low, $$ indicates medium and $$$ indicates high price range.

Related listing

Related listing:  If you have other listings, you can showcase them here and those will be shown at the bottom of your business page.

Related Events or Jobs: If you have listed a job or an Event for your business, you can showcase them here to be shown at the bottom of your business page


Badges can not be entered and is only managed by Canadian Seniors Directory.

Verified badge:  Premium listings may request to be verified and receive a Verified Badge which is shown on their page   (Premium listing only)

Recommended Business badge:  Premium listings may request to be  assessed and based on our evaluation and at our own discretion, we may award the business a Recommended Business badge.

We are here to Help

If you need help, have questions or any suggestions or feedback, please contact us and we will be more that happy to help.

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