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About Us


The Canadian Seniors Directory is an extensive guide and listing of services and products tailored to seniors, baby boomers, older adults and their Caregivers living in Canada. This online directory is essential for finding senior news, guides, services, jobs, senior benefits, discounts and coupons, etc. The information in our senior online portal are organized in a wide range of categories to ensure that our senior citizens and those serving seniors in the communities are informed on opportunities and choices that lead to better aging lifestyle.



The information contained in the searchable Canadian Seniors Directory includes companies and organizations and have been reviewed to ensure relevancy to users.  We strive to provide trusted, credible and useful links to Canadian senior resources and organizations including communities, social, health and related government services with focus on seniors and elderly in each neighborhood, city or province.


Our Mission 

In the world of ever-changing information, our mission is to facilitate information and provide valuable and trusted resources for the benefit of all seniors, older adults and their caregivers across Canada in their search of finding products and services related to enhancing the standard of living for Canadian seniors and elderly population.

Furthermore we are passionate to be part of the group with desire to positive development of the Canadian senior service industry by providing businesses, an online portal to market their products and services tailored to Canadian ageing population, where all seniors, retiree and elderly people can benefit from.


Canadian Seniors Directory website is maintained by Dynathrone Corporation. Dynathrone is an engineering consultancy firm located in Toronto, Canada. With extensive experience and expertise in business solutions and development using a wide range of technologies, we help Canadian businesses discover and reach their grow potential by helping them in developing highly effective and cost-efficient, performance-driven web applications, software and cloud solutions.

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We have been working within health care, rehab and home care industry for years and have gathered extensive experience in those areas. This knowledge empower us to contribute back to to the industry by providing trusted, credible and useful links to Canadian seniors wink links to resources that includes services, products and other sources for seniors benefit. Our intuitive search portal provides an efficient way to find nearby senior services, jobs & events and covers every demographic regions in Canada. 



Our Policies