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Ways to Advertise with us

Become a Sponsor, Promote your business,
Effective marketing with native ads in the feed across desktop and mobile

There are opportunities to sponsor Canadian Seniors Directory by paid advertisement or sponsored contents. This benefit is reserved for businesses offering services and/or products tailored to seniors, baby boomers and their caregivers living in Canada.  In our endeavor to provide useful information to our visitors and those serving seniors in the communities as well as choices that lead to better aging lifestyle,  we offer unique marketing opportunities that are carefully developed to meet the needs and budget of every business. 


Promoted Listing

Promoted Listings puts your listings in front of more visitors, boosting visibility and bump it up for or selected keywords and categories. This will more likely to generate leads when more people see them.

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Advertising Banners

This will let us run your ads across desktop and mobile enabling your business to tap into audience who are ready to do business with you. These banners appear at the top, middle, bottom or on the side of each page.

csd sponsored contents icon ways to advertise with us Canadian Seniors

Sponsored Content

Reach a highly engaged audience with native ads in a professional news feed across desktop and mobile. Drive leads, build brand awareness, and nurture key relationships at every stage of your sales cycle.

Promoted Listing

What is Promoted Listing?

Promoted listing (also known as Sponsored Search) allows to be included in the sponsored results (boosted place) of a search result for selected keywords, categories or a geographical area. 

A Promoted Listings helps your listings stand out among thousands of other listings on Canadian Seniors Directory search engine. That’s because a promoted listing offers optimal placement and unique characteristics to help your listing be seen by all visitors when they’re browsing or actively searching for what you are offering in those categories you selected. This will help to increase the likelihood of having generated potential leads.

Boost visibility

Your listings are more likely to generate leads when more people see them. Promoted Listings puts your listings in front of more visitors, boosting visibility by up to 35%, based on our own experience. More views on your listing can lead to more leads and a faster sale or transactions.

 Monitoring & Reporting

Access detailed campaign metrics such as impressions, clicks, and lead generations to monitor performance and fine tune your campaigns.

Promoted Listings fees

You choose how long you want to pay for your Promoted Listings, that is how long to have your listing boosted to the top of the page or category
The Promoted listings algorithm chooses which listings to show and where, based on the listing’s relevancy to visitors search, quality of the listing and other factors.
Current there are several packages available denoting the number of days to enroll in promoted listing campaigns.

Getting Started

In your account dashboard, below each of your listing you will see a Promote button (if your listing is qualified). Click the button and choose your preferred package.

Advertising Banners

Advertising banners which are also known as Web banners function almost the same way as the traditional advertisements. These banners appear at the top, middle, bottom or on the side of each page and are intended to notify site visitors of your products or services.

We only accept advertisement that are aimed to create awareness and affinity for services and products that are relevant to Canadian seniors and their caregivers and
contain informational topics or provides incentives that will benefit our visitors.


Are you ready to start your campaign, click here to learn more 

Banner marketing is the most popular form of display advertising and have the following benefits:

Affordable prices

Banners are cheaper to create and manage compared to their marketing models and are effective in drawing attention to your products or services. while being visually pleasing.

Increases brand awareness

Having your banner on the site appearing on websites strengthens your brand as well as to alert consumers to the products or services you have.

Targets specific customers

The site is being visited with certain groups of people, this potentially provides opportunities to generate valid leads within the targeted group.

Measuring the effectiveness

As a results driven practice you are able to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns.
You can check your website traffic using tools like Google Analytics and analyses the impact of your banner ads and get to know your audiences and update your marketing strategy.

Robust and flexible

The results for your advertisement campaigns can be easily monitored by logging into our advertisement portal or viewing you analytic system

Click on the page layouts on the right to visit recommended  size, design & practice.

The Best Web Banner Size

According to Google, the most successful Ad sizes tend to be wider than taller. Google says that its most effective web banner sizes are:

  • the 336 x 280 large rectangle
  • the 300 x 250 medium rectangle
  • the 728 x 90 leaderboard
  • the 468 x 60 banner

Learn more on our supported banner sizes. 

Sponsored Contents

What is sponsored content?

Sponsored Contents (aka. Sponsored Stories, Boosted Content), offer a steady stream of information updates in various formats. Those advertisements can be of any content, such as sponsored articles, business news & insights, etc. to prompt your website or a service or product.  

Please send your content or just contact us to discuss the details that fits your marketing plans. Click here to learn more 


Free Ad slots

Canadian Seniors Directory, in order to achieve its mission, will sponsor your content and post it for free, if we determine that the information provided in the content does not promote specific brands or business and create opportunities or choices that may lead to better aging lifestyle for our seniors as well as helping them to make informed decisions using the  provided information. Click here to learn more

To learn more visit our Sponsorship & Advertisement Guidelines page.

A Customized Marketing Plan

If none of way discussed here fits into your marketing strategies, send us an email us with your marketing ideas and lets discuss your needs. We have other platforms that maybe of your interest. 

Sponsorship & Advertisement Guidelines

Please make sure to visit our Sponsorship & Advertisement Guidelines page which defines ethics and policies for advertising on Canadian Senior Directory website.

We Offer Free Advertisement

Inline with our mission statement, every month we set aside a number of advertising spaces and offer these free advertising spaces to qualified businesses serving seniors and their caregivers, non-profit and charity organizations in on our own discretion. Please contact us to take advantage of this opportunity and to see if you can get qualified.

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Sponsorship opportunities are available for those who wants to go beyond lead generations and are looking higher ranking in search engine results