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Seniors Care at Home Tax Credit in Ontario

Find out if you qualify for a tax credit to assist low- to moderate-income seniors with qualifying medical costs, including costs for hearing aids, hospital beds, and attendant care that support ageing at home. 

Please always consult your local Ontario tax office, as eligibility rules and other information mentioned in this article may change. This blog article is for information only, you can always get up to date information from Ontario government website.

How do you get benefits and credits?

The Ontario Seniors Care at Home Tax Credit is a refundable personal income tax credit designed to assist seniors with low to moderate incomes with qualifying medical expenses, including costs associated with ageing in place.

Currently as of writing this blog, the credit offers a maximum credit of $1,500 and up to 25% of the claimable medical expenses up to $6,000. If a family’s net income exceeds $35,000, this sum is lowered by 5% and eventually phased out by a maximum of $65,000.

For the same eligible expenses, the credit may be claimed in addition to the non-refundable federal and Ontario medical expense tax credits. The temporary Ontario Seniors’ Home Safety Tax Credit may also apply to some costs for the seniors.

You may apply for the credit if you turned 70 years old or older during the tax year, or who had a spouse or common-law partner who did, and who was a resident of Ontario at the end of the year.

What could you get?

The same medical expenses that can be claimed for the Ontario Medical Expense Tax Credit are also eligible, and they include:

  • Attendant care (Requires qualification)
  • Care of a medical professional who is licensed by the province (such as a nurse or an occupational therapist)
  • Glasses, dentures, and hearing aids, dental, vision, and hearing care
  • Walking aids, such as canes and walkers
  • Electric scooters and/or wheelchairs
  • Bathroom accessories (such as grab bars, grips and railings)
  • Disposable briefs and diapers
  • Medical beds
  • Oxygen and mechanical breathing aids
  • Remodeling or building work that enhances a person’s access, functionality, or mobility within the home due to a severe and persistent handicap

You can also check out the Benefits Finder to see all benefits you may be eligible to receive. Go to

More information on Tax-related benefits, credits, deductions and support

Click the link below and see the benefits that may be available to you, your family, learn how to apply, and estimate how much you could get.

Go to: Ontario Seniors Care at Home Tax Credit

If you prefer to call, you can use the numbers below:   

To ask about benefits, call  1-800-387-1193

For other questions or to get forms , call 1-800-959-8281

If you are calling from the 867 area code, call 1-866-426-1527



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